Manorama believes that Purity and Quality should start from grassroot level so to ensure the highest standards of ‘Purity and Quality’, all the Cows at the Gaushaala are fed, monitored organic chara. What the cows consume directly affects the quality of milk. This organic chara / grass fodder is responsible for the superior quality of Manorama ‘s milk. It’s said,” It’s not what you do, it’s how the way you do it.”
Driven by the principle of ‘cruelty-free’, we worship Cows (Gau Mata) and respect with equal dignity and give them a happy and healthy space to live, we stride to provide the best environment to the Cows and ensure they get to graze at free-will which helps us to get high quality fresh and healthy milk. We make sure that the calves get their share of milk, before we proceed further for the process. 25% of our milk goes to the calves and the rest of the milk is then taken to our manufacturing unit, at hygienic, state of the art, marrying traditions with technology. We follow the traditional Vedic process of making Ghee where first the curd is made from warm milk and then hand churned to get the Makkhan which is then heated until all moisture evaporates. The result is pure and delicious Manorma‘s Ghee.

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Indian Cow's Desi Ghee

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