Desi Ghee 5lt.

Desi Ghee 5lt.

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Manorma Indian Desi Cow’s Ghee is A Vedic A2 Ghee.We follow the traditional process with the help of our technology.Our Vedas have prescribed 5 sanskars (Actions) which are to be performed on the milk to make ghee. When these Sanskar (Actions) are performed, we get the purest and the healthiest form of desi ghee. Boiling-Curdling-Churning-Seperating-Heating.

The first Sanskar (Actions) is where we boil the milk. In Ayurveda, only the milk of Grass-fed cows is used in making Ghee. This ensures that the milk is free from bacteria and is safe for consumption.

After the first step of boiling the milk, We mix the curd and then rest this mix in a warm place overnight. We get pure Curd the next morning.

The Curd / Yogurt is then churned using a churner in our manufacturing unit.This process is called Bilona. Churning the milk in two motions - Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise - is the correct way of churning. . Once the curd gets separated into Butter and Butter Milk, we get the Loni / Makkhan and the 3rd sanskar (Actions) is over. 

At the end of the churning process, the Makkhan is separated from the buttermilk. This makkhan is then used to make ghee.

The Makkhan is now heated. This process is where all the water is boiled away. Once the butter starts becoming clear and there is a visible layer of solids at the bottom . The Ghee start emitting the peculiar aroma once it is ready. The time of boiling this liquid decides its flavour and aroma. The final step is where the Golden Magic Potion-Ghee is strained through a strainer.

It is believed that a Full Moon is the best time to make Ghee. This is the time when Soma, some qualities of the moon itself are imbibed in the Ghee. It is considered the most auspicious time to make Ghee.


Shop pure vedik A2 Ghee (5ltr) made from curd online. Ghee prepared with detailed aurvedic process of boiling, curdling, churning, separating and heating.