About Us

‘Manorma’ - a purest form, spellbound aroma and taste.

Inspired by Godham Mahatirth, Pathmeda. Manorma bringing back the lost traditional importance of Ghee in the utmost pure way.Known for its authenticity, adding glory to our delights, sweets ,cookies and namkeen.Indian cow’s Ghee-the golden potion , an integral part of the Ayurvedic health science is considered a premiere Rasayana. A food that helps maintains good health, vitality and longevity.It is believed to promote both mental purification and physical purification through its ability to cleanse and support wellness. Ghee aids digestion and strengthens immunity too.However, it has to be pure cow’s ghee which ‘Manorma’ makes traditionally. A multi use healthy fat and a rich source of Vitamin A and E.

      Without compromising our traditional value we have introduced  the state of art technology in our manufacturing unit in order to produce very high quality and hygienic ghee products to our customers. As Ghee is a satvic food, which has a pure effect on mind ,body and spirit.We don’t want any indulgence in your purity.We have embraced the use of technology to keep our cows mooing with happiness, monitored and fed only the best to keep them healthy.So we have employed better techniques to keep this source of your happiness healthy.Thus Manorma being unadulterated providing a magic spell taste.

The Ghee’s leap towards immortality. 


The cow is depicted as a symbol of wealth, abundance, strength, selfless giving, of earthly life, and Manorma is striving to bring back this lost glory of the COW (GauMata) by protecting it in its natural habitat.Our aim is to protect, preserve, and rear the Indian Cow in a healthy habitat. We're a Gaushala. Over the years, we are losing the value of Cows, we see Cows roaming on the streets suffering out of hunger.All the Vedas speak of how it is important to protect the milch cattle and slaughter of a milch cattle is mentioned as a grave sin that should never be committed.
Manorma’s focus-is on nurturing and treating Cows well for the great religious significance they hold and their priceless properties.Indian Desi Cow’s Ghee considered not only the Storehouse of Nutrients but the Golden Elixir for holistic health.The western culture also adopted the tradition of India considering Ghee as the therapeutic medicine.Manorma promotes more consumption of Desi Cow’s Ghee as this will help the Cows to have a Safe Shelter.The more we consume, the more we will rear Cows and the sooner everyone will value the lost and fading importance of Desi Cows.
In the present world where adulteration and unethical practices are rampantly followed, the purity of Ghee has diminished. This has given rise to confusion among the masses as to which brand they should prefer and a reluctance to trust. To put an end to this dilemma, we, Manorma, are serving as a manufacturer of purest quality of Indian Desi Cow’s Ghee.